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Bookkeeping is a vital, but often neglected, function for any business.  All businesses are required to keep adequate books and records in Canada and if bookkeeping is not done correctly, it can lead to incorrect tax filings, inaccurate reporting and higher year-end accounting bills.  It is also one factor that is usually left to the last minute and then a catch-up is required.

Our staff at Rawluk & Robert CPAs take pride in our bookkeeping knowledge and ensure everything is done properly and on time.  We tailor our service to complement our clients needs depending on their own knowledge, time and comfort level.  We can take care of all bookkeeping functions or just perform supervision or oversight or anywhere in between.  We strive to be a partner with all our bookkeeping clients.

We also assist our clients in choosing the bookkeeping software that is right for them.  We do have our favourites, but they may not be the most suitable for all of our clients.  After discussion and investigation, we can advise our clients on what software may be right for them.  We will also advise our clients on how they may be able to use their software more advantageously to help save time and money.

Our standard bookkeeping rate for monthly or quarterly bookkeeping services starts at $50 per hour.  This will include data entry, reconciling accounts, tax filings, and reporting as necessary.  Flat monthly or quarterly rates are also available.

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