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Our office is knowledgeable and experienced in preparing Canadian personal income tax returns.  Each tax season, our office prepares hundreds of returns for our clients and our systems and processes allow us to prepare these returns quickly and correctly.  Whether your return is simple (employment or pension income), not so simple (small business or rental income) or complex (multiple investment accounts and foreign income verification reporting), our firm is able to provide you peace of mind.

Pricing for one return starts at $169, a couple starts at $289 and dependants living at home are $99 (applicable sales tax will be added).  The price will increase based on the complexity and time required to complete the return.

Our personal tax clients enjoy access to us throughout the year.  Our clients often call or email to get advice on proposed transactions or life events and can expect a response within 24 hours.  We also provide support for inquiries for supporting documentation from CRA.  Each year, CRA asks taxpayers to support deductions claimed on their returns.  CRA contacts us and we provide the required information to them to support the claim.  These services are included in the cost of our tax preparation service.

If you are interested in Rawluk & Robert for personal tax preparation and would like to get started, please use the fillable pdf form below to enter your personal tax details.  This fillable pdf can then be printed and brought to our office with your other information.

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