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No matter the size of your business, our firm can help you.  Your business needs advisors that you trust and that will provide you with accurate advice and information to assist in your decision making and to achieve your goals for your business.  That’s exactly who we are.

Depending on the size and sophistication of your business, we fill gaps in roles and can adapt as your business grows.  A small business may need bookkeeping services, financial statement preparation, corporate tax preparation and GST/HST filings, as well as advice and guidance from time to time.  Larger businesses may have their own bookkeeping function and we can help supervise that function as well as troubleshoot issues as needed.  Whatever your need, we can help.

We have many clients who have grown from working out of their basement or dining room table to buying their own building and warehouse and their own fleet of trucks and we have been there assisting them along the way.  Whether it comes from preparation of financial statements for new loans from the bank or assisting with payroll and T4s, Rawluk & Robert has been an integral part of many client's continued growth.

If you are interested in Rawluk & Robert for business tax preparation or engagements and would like to get started, please use the fillable pdf form below to enter your business details.  This fillable pdf can then be printed and brought to our office with your other information.

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