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My Account for Individuals

This is a secure portal that lets you view personal income tax and benefit return information and manage your tax affairs online.


This is a great way to keep track of your important documents, stay organized and keep up to date with all your tax information.

My Account is:

  1. Convenient

  2. Easy to use

  3. Fast

  4. Secure

Some of the many things you can track when you register are; your refund, view or change your return, check your benefit and credit payments, view your RRSP, set up direct deposit, receive e-mail and so much more.


You will need:

  1. A copy of your Tax Return

  2. Social Insurance Number

  3. Current Postal Code

To register for My Account, select CRA register at the following link:

Step 1 – Provide Personal Information

  1. Enter your social insurance number

  2. Enter date of birth

  3. Enter your current postal code

  4. Enter an amount from your income tax and benefit return. (The line amount will vary)

  5. Create a CRA user ID and password

  6. Create your security questions

Step 2 – CRA Security Code

After completion of step one, you will have access to limited information until you enter your CRA security code. You will receive your CRA security code in the mail within two weeks or less. After you enter your CRA security code, you will have access to the full suite of service in My Account.

Step 3 – Enter CRA Security Code

  1. Return to CRA My Account for Individuals, select “CRA log-in”

  2. Enter your CRA user ID and password you created

  3. When prompt, enter your CRA security code

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